Hiring a Sales Team as a Startup

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Sales Team
Image: entrepreneur.com

An award-winning sales professional, Scott Leese currently serves as senior vice president of sales at OutboundEngine in Texas. In this capacity, he helps small business owners market themselves through various email campaigns and original content to promote growth. Over the years, Scott Leese has provided consulting services to numerous startups looking to generate sales.

A startup should be business-ready and have the proper budget and management available to maintain a sales team before professionals are hired. Often, startups hire salespeople before a proper sales strategy has been laid out. Salespeople, with the exception of those who excel in startup companies, should typically not be developing strategy; they should be selling. Further, startups want to get salespeople that are talented and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, these come at a high cost that not every early business can afford. If a startup does not have the money to put a strong sales team together, or the proper management team to oversee the sales people, it might want to wait on hiring or hire salespeople one at a time.

Timing is not the only part of forming a strong sales team. Ideally, a startup’s team should all be providing a consistent message. This practice makes it easier to connect with customers and makes a business’ purpose clear. It is also important that a startup lets its salespeople know what it expects in terms of goals, selling approach, and customers. When a sales team knows what is expected, it can operate more efficiently toward a single goal. Once that goal is set, startups want to maintain their focus while also being flexible. Sales teams may have new ideas that will increase sales that the original founders didn’t think of. Rather than brushing these ideas aside, startups can benefit greatly from taking them into consideration.