The Outside Kick in Soccer

Soccer pic


Now senior vice president of sales for Qualia and founder of an eponymous consulting business, Scott Leese was a competitive athlete throughout much of his education. Scott Leese showed particular skill in soccer and continues to enjoy the sport on a recreational basis.

For advanced soccer players, the outside kick can be an effective and occasionally surprising way of accomplishing a pass. It begins with a long stride toward the ball and an approach toward the outside center of the ball, rather than at the direct center as in a more typical shot. The player then steps the standing leg beside and behind the ball, so that the working foot can cross the body.

Drawing the little toe toward the ground and turning the foot at the ankle, the sole of the foot turns toward the inside. This allows the player to strike the ball with the middle of the laces at the outside of the curve in the foot. This technique can be extremely effective as part of a distraction strategy. A feign to one side can draw the defender’s attention, while the dribbler sends a pass laterally to the receiver. If the pass is successful, the receiver can then return the pass, the team having effectively gained ground.